Saturday, September 12, 2009

Can Anyone Give Me A Legitmate Reason Why Obama's Speech Sucked?

Having listened to the entire thing, I found it simple to understand: from a left and right perspective; positively encouraging; detailed, but not overwhelming. He left the door open to compromise and debate. He said that more work needed to be done, and asked Congress to help him get it done.

Other than the EXTREMELY CHILDISH, RUDE AND IGNORANT remarks of Joe Wilson, the speech was a great success and has been well-received from what I can tell... But what do you think?

Regarding Joe Wilson: I'm open to debate. I think it is awesome that in our country people can disagree. However, what he did was rude and inconsiderate. There is a time and a place to debate. What's more there is appropriate language to use, but Joe Wilson - you suck!

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