Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mate' Tweets, A Great Way To Keep The Brew Going

Imagine making your point in only 140 characters? Could you do it? For example, my first sentence was 91 characters. Twitter, an online micro-blogging application, forces its member users to post only 140 characters of information. That's it, that's all you got - 140 words and spaces. Yet, this communication medium has taken the internet by storm! By the end of 2009, Twitter is expected to have over 18 million users. The great news: some of those members are mate' drinkers!

Below are a collection of "tweets", or Twitter feeds from tea/mate' lovers:

calpoly Cal Poly Biz Alum's Guyaki-Yerba Mate company profiled in TIME magazine http://bit.ly/17hpRh

Dude, this morning I was deep in the moutains of Peru with a Yerba Mate Royale with 72% Caco Ghirardelli Chocolate

rockseameenor Yerba Mate, Beirut, Landscape drawing. Lovveelly afternoon!

PadidehTime Feeling better. Drinking yerba mate & reading Clean. Dr. Junger educates the reader to the importance of a toxic free body in a toxic world.

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