Friday, September 04, 2009

SSWC, or SingleSpeedWorldChampionships Are Coming To Durango

Durango, CO will play host to the Singlespeed World Championships coming this September 16th - 20th. Time to put your argyle socks to good use and hit one of the most challenging courses DGO has to offer. Full of other events, and not just racing, the SSWC will alter your mind.

For those of you in a cave for the last five years, take a look below to figure out what a singlespeed is... Give up? It is one gear on a bike, but not a fixie (singlespeeds have a freewheel, fixies do not).

The Race:
Well, to start, the course is secret... Here is the story from the SSWC website:
Rumor has the course being tough. Thats true. There is a walking section and tons of riding sections. The course is still top secret and we must ask you to let go and trust that we are doing the right thing. Tips for you would be, get real good, think about running suspension, get some gears and have fun getting ready for the World Champs.
However, they were so kind as to offer up a terrain profile... Check out the lack of climbing - NOT!

I kind've have an idea on the course, but I'm not saying much. All I know is that it will be a race to end all races!

Good luck to all those who throw the bike between their legs and hammer! For more information, go to the official SSWC website:

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