Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yerba Mate In The Movies

"Shaken, not stirred," describes how James Bond would like his martini prepared. "My advice to you... Is to start drinking heavily," describes James Belushi's ideas on problem solving in Animal House. In the movie Best in Show, two characters describe how the met for the first time: “We met at Starbucks. Not at the same Starbucks but we saw each other at different Starbucks across the street from each other.” And there are about a thousand other references to alcohol and coffee, but what about Yerba Mate? Well, Yerba may get its chance in the upcoming Che Guevara movie.

According to the blog,, Yerba Mate was only granted token acknowledgment – just two scenes out of a total running time of 257 minutes. That's four hours of Che, and probably only six seconds of Yerba. I guess we'll take what we can.

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