Tuesday, October 06, 2009

From The VerdePR Blog: A New Climbing Book

The blog SplitterChoss.com has an incredible interview with Andrew Bisharat, senior editor at Rock and Ice, about his new book SCFTRTRTFCS, or Sport Climbing: From Top Rope to Redpoint, Techniques For Climbing Success. According to the interview, Bisharat tells SplitterChoss.com his inspiration to write the book comes from an honest desire to try to help people improve as free climbers and enjoy rock climbing more... Well, if it is all about having fun, then check out the rest of the blog here...

According to Bisharat's website, the book is described as follows:
It’s hard to deny that sport climbing is at once uplifting and demanding, moral and enlightening, and an infinite challenge.

The rise of standards over just the last decade, along with the emergence of thousands of new routes and hundreds of new crags, has changed the face of sport climbing so drastically that an anthology of gear, tactics, belay skills, and ropework techniques have been developed and modified to tackle these modern challenges.

Sport Climbing: From Top Rope to Redpoint, Techniques For Climbing Success intends to define the new face of this exceptional discipline, and to address both the basics for getting started as well as the cutting-edge strategies that climbers use to redpoint routes at their physical and mental limits. These techniques will help any climber on any route, whether 5.8 or 5.15.

No matter how seriously you take it, or what grade you climb, there is one underlying truth that you will hear repeated throughout this book: sport climbing is the very best way to improve your abilities as a rock climber.
Check out Bisharat's video about his new book here...

Sport Climbing- From Toprope to Redpoint from Mike Call on Vimeo.

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