Sunday, October 25, 2009

When You Love A Brand, You Blog About It

Interested in bouldering today in Southwest, Colorado? What about an epic mountain bike ride through the fall colors and cooler weather? Whatever the case, you'll want to prepared and The Osprey Talon is the best pack I've ever owned that fits the bill.

To start, I've never owned a pack that fits so well. The belt actually felt attached to my lower back, thereby keeping the pack upright and snug. Normally, after a few hours of hiking, my shoulders start to ache, but the Talon said, "nope, we'll take that off of your shoulders govna".

Once again, Osprey's innovation matched my serious demands. I barely broke a sweat on my serious bouldering adventure. The Airscape backpanel kept the temps down and the comfort up. Thus, what I call, "backspat", or the lovely sweaty goop that forms on your lower back, was replaced with cool breezes and, most importantly, a dry back! Speaking of innovation, I love the belt hipbelts. Of the many accessories you could keep in this reachable storage system, I opted for my blackberry tour and treats for when I wanted to take a picture or have a snack. It was all right there!

The large opening made it easy for me to stuff long pants, a sweater, water bottle, energy drink, climbing shoes, chalk bag and more in the Talon 22.

I love the hipbelt!!!! You can see one of my candies poking its little wrapper out... Hi little candy!

The Talon was looking so sexy in the sun that I just had to take a picture!

Thank you Osprey for another well-designed pack!

Tsunami - v5

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