Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Good To See Improvement To Our Waterways...

A group of community members from Greater Dolores Action (GDA) will be implementing the removal of metal hazards from the Dolores River on Wednesday, November 11th. During the past year, Scott Clow, Chairman of GDA, used global positioning software (GPS) to map over two dozen sites in and along the upper Dolores River in a stretch nicknamed by locals as "car body alley" where large pieces of metal and concrete pose hazards to wildlife and recreational users of the river.

Look closely and you'll see the large metal pipe sticking out over the water... Now imagine hitting that on your paddle?

Greater Dolores Action, a local citizens' not-for-profit group will be volunteering their time and allocating a portion of the funds earned from the 2009 Dolores River Festival to remove these hazards from the river. Officials from the Colorado Division of Wildlife have also been cooperating in this effort as some metal will be removed from the section of river upstream of town along the State Wildlife Area as well as from the river adjacent to the property belonging to the American Legion.

Oh... That looks like a fun swim - NOT!

Members of GDA are excited about being able to implement what will likely be just "Phase One" of this effort to remove metal hazards from the upper Dolores River and put to use funds generated from the Dolores River Festival. Removal of these metal hazards will make it safer for boaters, fisherman, all kinds of recreational users, and will ultimately improve the area as a fishery habitat.


Greater Dolores Action (GDA) is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3), community organization. The mission of GDA is to implement sustainable community enhancement projects. GDA functions as an incubator and umbrella organization for many important projects such as the Four Corners Recycling Initiative and the Dolores River Festival. A portion of the proceeds of the Dolores River Festival are earmarked for river enhancement, conservation and education projects.

For more information about GDA or to volunteer with the metal removal project, please contact Scott Clow, by email at

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