Sunday, November 08, 2009

Making America A Better Place To Live!!!

If your mother was sick, would you go into debt to save her life? Of course you would do whatever possible to improve her health! Isn't the role of the government to protect and serve our needs? I mean, we have no problem going to fight a war with tribal bands thousands of miles away and spending billions to do so, yet we argue about how much we'll spend on health care!?!?!?!?

I'm very happy to hear that 96% of the US population will enjoy the same benefits I've had my entire life (or at least close)!!! Personally, about 1/5 of my salary goes to taxes, and I'm happy to give that up as part of my contribution to this country and its great people! Finally, we have an administration that is IMPROVING AMERICA.

Obama has put a white hat on America. He's won the Nobel Peace Prize. And, he's worked very hard to make America a better place to live and call home! Thank you! Guess what? I'm happy to invest...

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