A Great Post By Seth Godin... Made Me Think

In this blog post, Seth Godin, Marketing Thought-Leaders, asks us to consider what would happen if the world would end in a certain amount of time...

Let's try a thought experiment:

A flying saucer comes to Earth, destroys a major city to get our attention, then announces that in 10,000 years it is coming back to destroy the Earth. In order to eliminate any doubt, it then blows up Mars.

Assume for a moment that you believe the threat and there's nothing we can do about it...

Question: how would knowing that the planet would disappear in 10,000 years change your typical day?

Okay, now run the same story, but 1,000 years from now instead.

You can probably guess where this is going. What if it were twenty years? If it were twenty years, how would that change things?

Most of us assume a single range of focus that we care about. And it's usually right around the corner, or even closer. Is that the place to be focusing your brand or your business or your life?

He makes a really good point here... It probably isn't a good idea to run your business with a singular focus, and with such short term initiatives. That said, goals are important.