Tuesday, December 29, 2009

IMBA And Their Accomplishments In 2009!!! GO IMBA!

As though you had any questions at all... On the IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) website, they list some of their top achievements. From building trails to lobbying for more, IMBA is a hero to many of us mountain addicts. What's more, in this ongoing tradition, IMBA also lists the 10 things they plan to do this coming year! Think about it: commitment and bragging rights all in the same post. A few of the good things DONE in 2009 and what's coming are below.

  1. Built Incredible Trails
    Our trailbuilding professionals teamed with IMBA clubs and volunteers across the nation to build and design more miles of sustainable, fun-to-ride singletrack than ever before. For example, in just one summer we put more than 30 miles of new trail on the ground at Pennsylvania’s Raystown Lake.

  2. Secured Big Federal Dollars
    Your donations to IMBA’s Trailbuilding Fund were multiplied with our increasing success in securing federal money for trails. Trail systems in California, Georgia, Minnesota and Oregon received federal dollars at the six-figure level and we are poised to reproduce those successes in many more states next year.

  3. Lobbied in Washington
    From testifying before Congress on public land bills to meeting with top-ranking officials at all the federal land managing agencies, IMBA’s governmental affairs team pushed hard to build productive partnerships in the nation’s capitol and gain maximal bicycle access.

And what they plan to do...

  • Host an incredible World Summit gathering in Augusta, Georgia, on May 5-8.
  • Build the next generation of model trail systems, including Ride Center projects like the ones in Oakridge, OR and Cuyuna, MN.
  • Shape Wilderness bills across the country with boundary adjustments and companion designations designed to provide maximal access to mountain bike trails.

You can find the entire list on their website at IMBA.com.

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