Monday, December 07, 2009

Outdoor Retailers See Increased Sales And More Santa

As posted from the VerdePR blog: According to the SNEWS website, Leisure Trends Group conducted an on-line survey among its retail panel, which represents over 2,300 retail doors, to gauge consumer buying in the Outdoor, Snow, Paddle, Running, Scuba and Cycling Industries over the Black Friday weekend. Responses were received from retailers representing 536 doors in 42 states. While trends vary from industry to industry the overall results are upbeat with 40% of retailers reporting increased sales compared to 2008, 36% indicating sales were flat and 24% reporting that sales were down.

Not A Bad Start To The Christmas Season

More of the data, which represents a good year so far. But will the trend continue? Be sure to read the tea leaves in the outlook section below...

Sales: Most retailers report Black Friday weekend sales that were above or equal to last year.
  • 40% of retailers report increased sales

  • 36% report sales as being flat or the same as last year

  • 24% report declining sales

Traffic: Looking at in-store traffic within sport and sport specialty channels, most retailers' expectations were reached or exceeded on Black Friday weekend.
  • 37% of retailers report better than expected traffic

  • 48% report traffic was as expected

  • 15% indicate traffic was lighter than expected

Outlook: These results leave retailers optimistic regarding the remaining weeks of the holiday season.
  • 52% believe this holiday season will be better than last year

  • 33% believe this year will be the same as last year

  • 15% feel that sales will decline from last year
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