Thursday, February 11, 2010

Be Careful Of The Red Tape

First off, it is good to be blogging again... Spending time with other companies to manage/create/develop their social marketing is great fun, but I miss focusing on my blog (but, if you're looking for contract work, give me a shout Now... On to the blog...

Red tape... My word, we experience it in government, business, and sometimes in our own homes. AND IT STIFLES INNOVATION, COMES IN MANY FORMS AND SMELLS BADLY! Yet, for some reason we cling to it, we embrace it, we encourage it. So why it is that everyone hates it, yet does it. It is as though we want bureaucracy so badly that we consistently develop systems, processes and barriers to JUST DO IT!

Hell, I'm guilty of it too... Process can be a good thing, but too much command and control and you stifle the best that makes us human: ideas. So what's the answer? Probably a red-tape committee - just kidding. I think the process champion needs to allow him/herself to be checked at the door. My colleagues have done the same with me and it has worked well. Whenever we got too process burdened, they would tell me to hold off and wait for the process to evolve - I like this. Forcing process can damage creative problem solving and idea generation. Giving your colleagues/tea/personnel the right to counter your red tape is one way to check your bureaucracy at the door!

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