Friday, February 26, 2010

Point Of Sale - Trends For 2010

The outlook for Point of Sale couldn't be brighter... Having visited with several resellers this week, I'm convinced! Is it me, or are operators reaching for new services to drive increase revenues? Is it me, or when this happens don't buying patterns change? What I mean is when people start looking to increase top-line revenue, they take risks, but expect ROI. The tipping point may be upon us, so the question is "what" do you do to capitalize?

According to Vertical Systems Reseller, a magazine devoted to the Value-Added Reseller channel, and in their recent Point of Sale trend report, in the U.S. nearly half of all operators polled say that tableside POS for ordering and/or payment (at 46.6 %) will be the "most interesting" POS technology to their company in 2010, from a list that also includes, among other things, enterprise POS (which came in a close second at 45.1%), software-as-a-service (24.8%), open source (22.9%), and cloud computing (19.3%). Many technology vendors agree that tableside ordering, perhaps even via smart phones such as the iPhone, will have appeal to operators in 2010. We're also revealing operator's buying plans in 2010. Most of you (36.6%) expect to add new functionality to your current software; another 14% are selecting a new vendor entirely, and 27.1% of you told us you're currently shopping around.

So it seems as if everyone is poking around for new apps! Gosh, that makes all of us doesn't it... I'll leave you with one thought: has the iPhone created a monster? What I mean is as operator, business/IT consultants and marketers we now have to feed the app desires of many constituents - they want it, and the only question is how are you going to give it... 
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