Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Robot In A Restaurant?

They make our cars, the protect our troops, now they are making our lunches? Welcome Metropolis! According to a New York times food industry article, your next meal may be from the caring, laser-assisted claws of a robot!
Prof. Paul Rybski and the Human Robot Interaction Group, created a monster (ok, not really), but a robot outfitted with a $20,000 laser navigation system, sonar sensors and a Point Grey Bumblebee 2 stereo camera that functions as its eyes, which stare out from its clay-colored plastic, gender-neutral face.

Dave? Dave? Is that you... The computer in the movie 2001, A Space Odyssey taught us not to trust computers, especially when going to Jupiter! And now they may be making our food...

The article continues by describing the design of the robot, which is to gather information on how robots interact with people (and how to improve homo-robo relations), the Snackbot has been carefully considered for maximum approachability in every detail, from its height to its color. The snack, not surprisingly, is the central component of that approachability. Jetson's here we come!
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