Saturday, February 06, 2010

Why The Obstruction?

If you were applying for a job, which would you choose?

Job A: 96% of applicants are covered by health care insurance...
Job B: 30% of applicants are covered by health care insurance...

Assume you choose job "A". You would be choosing the current Senate health care bill. I've asked conservatives and liberals alike and they all answer A. In my informal experiment, it is clear that people lean toward coverage. So why the obstruction?

Granted my experience isn't scientific, but let's say it was... Let's just, for a minute, assume that all of the nation was provided free health insurance. Would that be immoral? Would that be wrong? If we were to go that direction, based on the facts, then Congress should support this! Instead, it is all about obstruction and playing the "values" card. Why?

In my humble opinion, this is more about seeing Obama fail...!!! Just look at what Alabama (R) Senator Shelby is up to. Extortion, pure and simple! Senator John Boehner, on Meet the Press recently, could barely answer a series of simple questions: what do you agree with?!!?!??! Clearly, the Republicans are blocking legislation that could SAVE LIVES... And Democrats aren't standing up and fighting for what they believe in... Both parties need to get with it! One needs to stop the obstruction, the other needs to get some "balls"!!!
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