A Little Bit Of History, A Little Mountain Biking Too

Not just a mountain biking area, but a travel through history... The Sand Canyon trail is one of those not to be missed trails, and a ripping one at that... What's more, for my Durango, CO readers: HIT THIS TRAIL; IT IS DRY!

According to the TravelBlog.org, the Sand Canyon Trail in Canyons of the Ancients National Monument in southeast Colorado is probably the best hiking attraction of the this relatively new Monument. It runs for 6.5 miles north and south with the south trail head located about 12 miles west of Cortez, CO on County Road G. There is also the 5.0 mile East Rock Creek Loop Trail and two unnamed long loop trails plus the east Sand Canyon area to explore. There are at least 35 small Ancestral Pueblo ruins sites in this area. So, it isn't just about hitting the drops and bermy turns, but a history lesson as well...

Dispersed between sections of trail are ruins carved into the cliff bands. Hundreds of years ago the Anasazi people took up resident here and made a wonderful life. Sure, it was probably hard living, but having the views I had yesterday, I'd be OK with a simple life like this.

The ride starts out at slickrock parking lot and climbs... Nothing to intense, just some good old fashion spinning to get you to the top, so you can drop! I took the East Rock Loop trail, which I would recommend. During the ride, I was also able to hook up with two OspreyPacks employees who gave me an update on directions back to the car (GO OSPREY). From there, the East Rock loop takes you to a killer arch that took my spirit. Literally, I had to stop and just take it in...

As I continued through the trail system, the terrain turned a little more technical (YES!). After going through a few washes and heading back into a canyon system, I reached the top and then the downhill of the trail! It was ripping going back... However, unfortunately, I was only able to through in one loop, so it is all about going back today!

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Awesome local exploration!