Friday, April 09, 2010

Another Great Post By Seth Godin: POKE AROUND, COME AROUND, RETURN

Seth Godin pulls out some more marketing magic by looking in unfamiliar places in one of his latest posts... Below he describes the Levy...
"An animal that forages will hang out in a small area, looking for nuts or berries, then will realize it has used up all the likely sources in this spot. It will then head off in a random direction, walk many paces, and start foraging again. When you plot the Levy flight, it looks like this:

Isn't this what we do? I bet if you measured shopper traffic in a mall, you'd find something similar. Now, let's apply this as a learning lesson within marketing a website, social media or your life. Can you think of something similar? I can...

Ever have to debate something at your office with your co-workers? Let's say it is a pricing concept... Now, the trick here is to propose the concept first. Once you create a framework for the discussion (of course based on good thinking here), your argument will  likely win the day. Lawyers do this when they want to "get something in" to a jury's head. They state it and the other side has to take it out. You can also think of a fist fight. The first punch usually wins! Not that this outcome occurs every time, and sometimes the Levy doesn't find the plant they are looking for; the point is the FIRST is usually the last.
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