Thursday, April 15, 2010

Creating Google Analytics Goals, And Funnels

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Gosh, Google makes it easy... But the most remarkable thing is how many marketers I know don't actually have a clue on how to use Google Analytics. If you call yourself a marketer, then you should be about one thing: THE NUMBERS! Otherwise, you are a designer or a communicator... Anyway, enough of my opinion.

On this blog, yes, the one that you read as part of your daily brain dose, I had to re-install my Google analytics code. Naturally, Google makes it easy... But I thought I'd spend a few minutes giving you a step-by-step on creating your own goals and funnels. Why? Well, I had to re-create a few things, so why not show you what I'm doing to help you launch your own analytics program...

Step 1: click on edit your profile... 

And NO, I'm not going to share my metrics with you yet.

Step 2: select one of the goal slots (typically, you have four to choose from, which means you can create about 5 goals per slot, or 20 total)

Step 3: edit your goal, create a funnel and GO! 

The most interesting aspect of managing Google Analytics on a blog is how certain measurements REALLY don't matter. For example, "bounce rate" or the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page. Why is this not so critical? Well, typically, a blog is only one page (mine is). So the page you hit is where you will stay, and then leave. Good luck with your marketing and your goals!

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