Monday, April 05, 2010

Credit card usage falls, online payments surge

An interesting report by Packaged Facts... Did you know...
"Currently, 54% of U.S. adults cite cash as their preferred form of payment, according to market research publisher Packaged Facts in Consumer Payment Trends in the U.S., which relies primarily on data compiled by Experian Simmons' Spring 2009 adult consumer survey. Meanwhile, 68% of American adults have a debit card in their wallet and 67% have a credit card; though only 53% of adults may be considered active credit card users with transactions in the last thirty days.
And what about... 
"Online payments are benefiting from the shift toward electronic forms of payment, and in many ways they are also helping to drive that shift. Last year, 27% of U.S. adults -- 61 million people -- paid their bills online, a testament to both the robustness of online payments and how quickly Americans have taken to it as a viable payment option.
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