Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"My Facebook Page Sucks..." Walker, What Can I Do?

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Why I get these questions baffles me, I only have 267 friends (still in semi-cool status based on this). But whatever, I'm all about helping. I agree... Creating the right Facebook page is critical and not that easy. So why not use the tips/tricks below and get started with your new Facebook page updates!

Slow The Feed, Your Content Is Your Bait

If It Bleeds It Leads... Use Good Headlines

One technique the news industry realized a long time ago is that headlines make the story. Awesome headlines excite your fans encouraging them to follow your blog; to read the full post rather than just the snippet that Facebook shows:

Make It Mobile

People are where their friends are... Let's face it, your Facebook page is probably checked more often than your lame corporate website. Consumers and your customers (and me) spend more time on their phones, and Facebook goes out of its way to be mobile-friendly. Do you have an iPhone app yet?


REMEMBER TO INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! My point here is don't be bashful about engaging with your audience. Ask them to invite your friends. Make a splash about what your company is doing. Most importantly, ENGAGE!

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