Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another Blogger To Follow: Steve Blank

Author, entrepreneur, visionary, software guru, former Vietnam veteran, teacher and land conservationist, Steve Blank is the new guy on my list of people to follow, learn from and understand. My colleague and friend, Josh Mather, turned me on to him a few days ago, and after reading more about Blank's customer development model, I'm convinced this is someone I have to know more about (see more below on that). The interesting thing about Blank is that he seems to understand start ups. A lot of the people I read have been in a start up, but have lost the understanding of the unique approach a start up takes. What's more, he gets the entire process is really no process at all, but a series of themes a start up needs to follow to develop products, the story and ideas...

The customer development model:
 More on Steve Blank...
After 21 years in 8 high technology companies, I retired in 1999. I started my last company, E.piphany, in my living room in 1996. My other startups include two semiconductor companies, Zilog and MIPS Computers, a workstation company Convergent Technologies, a consulting stint for a graphics hardware/software spinout Pixar, a supercomputer firm, Ardent, a computer peripheral supplier, SuperMac, a military intelligence systems supplier, ESL and a video game company, Rocket Science Games.
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