Friday, May 07, 2010

Text-To-Callback, Is It The New Ad-To-Buy-Mobile Model?

Imagine reading an add and getting the ooo-I-want-that itch... We all suffer from this peculiar little tingle, don't we? I found this cool idea that might just be the cure, and how you're transacting in the future. GO800, a company that seems to be leading the space, and with an eye on mobile marketing.

According to eCommerce Times, their service works with both brand names and generic regional businesses. They sells or leases keywords monthly. A national listing costs the vendor US$500. Vendors can also lease an area code to corner all of the consumer inquiries to a particular category within a particular geographic region. For example, texting "Chase" to 46800 results in Go800 ringing your phone and connecting you to the Chase Bank customer service. Text "flowers" to 46800 and Go800 rings your phone and directly connects you to 1-800-Flowers.

"There is no need to search for phone numbers. It's an immediate and direct connection. Besides enabling easier contact, Go800 also saves businesses money by offering cheaper connection fees to their existing 800 lines," said the founder of the company. The best part: Go800 also has direct response capabilities. Clients can skip the hard-to-remember ten digit toll-free number and instead tell their audience to text just a short code.

With Google's investment in voice activated search, this seems to be on the verge of something big. Advertisers wake up! Time to invest in something new... 

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