Monday, May 10, 2010

What I Learned Practicing A Balanced Life

No one would ever accuse me of having a balanced life... My work/life blend is pretty severe. Add in my mountain biking and outdoor pursuit addiction, and you have one f'd up individual. OK, I'm not that bad, but I wouldn't say balanced... Over the weekend, my wife taught me something important: DOING a balanced life is much different than thinking about one. So, this weekend, I balanced...
  • Planted flowers and herbs in our deck garden
  • Watched movies, and just relaxed
  • Made sure my wife and I had quality time
  • Went on a hike, and just sat in the sun
  • Meditated... 
I won't lie, it made a difference in my stress level. Again, this isn't about what you "plan" to do, but crossing a balanced life off of your list! 

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