Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do You Ever Advocate? 3 Questions As To Why?

It is funny how much we advocate for things, people, places and more... Who hasn't been an advocate raise your hand. As of writing I'd advocate for Keystone Freeride Park, Durango's City Staff and Councilor Thompson (great local speech today) and Breckenridge, CO's freeride park (short and very sweet). Things that made a difference in my life today; that I like, cherish, care about, want to learn more from, are glorious, make me frustrated and are genuinely rad... I'm using the word rad here!
  1. As a blogger/Facebooker/Tweeter/Tumblr/SocialIte, how many times do you advocate a day? 
  2. Is compensation important to you whether intrinsically (someone saying thanks or acknowledging your contribution) or extrinsically (with money)? 
  3. Why are you an advocate? 
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