Friday, June 11, 2010

Does Music Really Make You Work Better?

Throw on some AC/DC and you're rockin'... Bring up volume on some JurrasicFive and you're cooler than the guy next to you... Tune down the techno and you're chillin' - sick brah... Music has an uncanny way of setting the mood and improving our mental states, yet does it do much for our productivity? Who hasn't asked themselves this question before? Perhaps your manager has asked this as well. According to some research, there might be proof that music matters...
Research seems to support such a claim. For example, a trial where 75 out of 256 workers at a large retail company were issued with personal stereos to wear at work for four weeks showed a 10% increase in productivity for the headphone wearers. Other similar research conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois found a 6.3% increase when compared with the no music control group.
Why at this very moment, while writing this blog, I'm listening to a compiled station by Pandora, a killer internet music app designed to find the perfect music that meets your criteria. I've created a mellow mood and funky beat Pandora station based on the beats of Sound Tribe Sector 9. I feel productive and the words are flowing off of my fingers... I guess to answer the question presented by the title of this blog, I'm in... Music matters! 
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