Wednesday, June 30, 2010

GEAR OF THE DAY: Moccasym Climbing Shoe - A Classic For A Reason

The Moccasym climbing shoe by 5.10 is to climbing like the Schwinn is to cycling, a classic! Having owned about nine pairs of these shoes, I can't say enough about help these killer climbing shoes have provided. From nickel-thick edges at Quartz Mountain to Horsepen 40 slopers, the Moccasym is one of my favs! In Durango, Colorado's local bouldering spot, the Moccasym's have helped me ace some of the local five-star problems and why? Well, simple, supple and durable are traits that come to mind. Built with 5.10's Stealth C4 rubber, the Moccasym grips like my Grandma when my sister is driving on the highway. Whether bouldering, crack climbing or hitting the slabs, the Moccasym seems to mold to every indentation of any rock formation. What's more, if you have a wide toe box, then the Moccasym will work (sometimes an uncommon characteristic for a climbing shoe).

More features:
  • Unlined leather upper
  • Stealth C4 soles
  • Side exit heel seam
  • Triple pull-on loops
  • Asym toe profile
  • Slingshot heel
For more information on the Moccasym (as if you needed it), post a comment on my blog and I'll be happy to help you decide (WARNING: total bias here!!!)

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