Monday, June 07, 2010

Top 10 Things To Do In Durango... Well, Almost...

Hot enough for you this weekend? Remember only a few weeks ago when it was still threatening to snow? Well, not any more... Summer is here folks and this weekend was a reminder that Durango can get hot! But as the temperature rises, so does the action on the trail systems, cliffs, boulders, rivers, lakes and more. This weekend, because of the bluebird Colorado skies and great weather, was an especially desirable weekend to get out and ride, paddle, climb, jump, swim, fish, fly and, well, more... Here is just a short list of the things to do in Durango, CO (when it is hot, or not):
  1. Ride Hermosa Creek Trail and enjoy the views, trees and ripping singletrack
  2. Float the Animas river and hit the Smelter mountain rapids
  3. Take a hike up toward Engineer mountain and take in the meadow at the top
  4. Go for a motorcycle road ride up to Silverton and have lunch at Silverton Brewery
  5. Take your ropes, chalk bag and climbing skills up to Golf Wall near Tamarron resort
  6. Take your dirt bike and trail ride up to Mitchell lakes from Jones Creek Trail
  7. Have a picnic near Haviland lake
  8. Go bouldering near Animas mountain
  9. Ride the Hesperus/Breen loop on your road bike
  10. Drive up to Molass pass, enjoy a light lunch and take in the scenery 
Whatever your calling is, it sure is hard to waste a weekend in beautiful Durango!

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