Saturday, June 19, 2010

Troy Lee Designs T-Bone Gaurds A Walker Favorite

Troy Lee Designs is for the world's fastest racers... And believe me their gear is for the tough and fast! But there is one piece of gear that just about any freerider or downhiller looking to shred the gnar should get: the T-Bone Guards! Marketed as an anatomically-friendly knee guard with a streamline fit. The T-Bone Guards can fit beneath jeans and pants and they actually stay in place! According to Troy Lee, the T-Bone is necessary protection for any racer, freestyler or trick rider. 

As for me, I really like how they stay in place, even on long
cross country rides... (Sometimes you have to earn your turns)

And then of course, they have the side padding to
protect you from impacts from the left and right...

So if you're looking for knee pads then look no further than these...

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