Thursday, July 01, 2010

Another Round Of Random Pictures, By Walker Thompson

Ahh... I love these posts! Nothing but randomness... What else is there in life, but random happenings?

Serious elevation!!! Looking over Engineer Pass towards the 
backside of Ouray!

California pass on a dirt bike! It was freaking WINDY up there that day!

See that little road? That's what I road down to go up again. I'm basically at 13,000 feet! 

Cool memorial about an Oklahoman that just loved this place! I totally agree... 

Ahh... The MONEY trail in Keystone, CO... I love that place! 

What Walker does in Indiana!!! SWIMMING TIME...

Christina doing a killer speech about buying local! 

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Cameron said...

I have always enjoyed your randomness. Great pics. I'm glad you kept your pants on for the Indianians.