Saturday, July 17, 2010

What's Slowing You Down?

Is anyone 100% of the time? Nope! As the non-superhero type, we get stuck, injured, wasted, tired, stupid and broken. Knowing this we create strategies to break the cycle, but is this a good thing? So many of us outdoor athletes crave, well, shredding the gnar! We strive for every moment of outdoor activity. We think about what we didn't ride/climb/ski well last time and it eats at us! We want that day/time back to do better... This constant pains us! We think of nothing more. Yet, this is slowing you down! Obsession, which I don't claim not to have takes a lot out of you! It can be a driver for improvement, but channeled in the wrong way, one loses the beginner's mind aspect, which is so critical for outdoor sports. Try not thinking of what slows you down, but what calms you and focuses you. I think you'll find a different sort of concentration that will allow you to accomplish all of your goals.

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