Now Grand Junction Is Getting A Skills Park... DURANGO LET'S GET ONE DONE!!!

I just voted on a post on the RefreshEverything blog by Pepsi. Basically, Pepsi wants you to vote on the value of an idea... The idea: Grand Junction, CO is building a skills park for mountain bikers. I love the idea and voted on it... My question: why can't Durango, CO get with the program. Time to create a "FreeRide Foundation", or non-profit devoted to building skills parks and progressive lines in Durango!!!

Concept: Bike-skills parks connect kids with nature, recreation & FUN! COPMOBA is building 3 developmental bike skills-parks - for girls, boys and adults of all ages and abilities - at the base of each of our famous trail systems in Fruita, Grand Junction & Palisade, CO.

Mission: To instill a lifelong passion for nature, mountain biking and trail ethics by facilitating bike handling skills, self-confidence, physical health and FUN in the outdoors!

Vision: The community-based bike-skills parks will serve as a template for additional community parks in the nation, support the positive impacts mountain biking has on our community's physical health and economic well-being, and inspire the next generation of trail stewards, mountain bikers & outdoor recreationalists.

*In 2009, area trails saw ALMOST 200K user days & contributed $24MM+ to the Grand Valley
*The 3 parks will serve a local polulation of 149k, of which 34k are ages 18 & under
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