The Rock Lounge Begins...

Indoor climbing is back in Durango, CO!!! The Rock Lounge is now offering special annual membership special!!! See below for details:

ALMOST OPEN… BUY NOW AND SAVE!!! Folks, the time is coming, or I should say here. Beginning today, The Rock Lounge is opening up a special membership drive… $365 for 365 days!

What do you get? We want to start you off right… Beyond just a great deal, when you buy an annual membership you’ll get invited to our VIP party on the 10th of September. Also, you’re making a direct impact to one of Durango’s coolest places to hang, literally. Finally, if you buy online or via phone by September 10th we will secure the annual fee for next year. In other words, you have until 9.10.2010 to secure this incredible rate for two years. This means that next year when you want to renew you’re rate will be secured. This deal is only for family, couple and single annual memberships! 

Adult Couple – $650.00
Annual Youth – $250.00
Annual Family x 3 (max 2 adults) $930.00
Family x 4 (max 2 adults) – $1,090.00
Adult Single – $365.00
Family x 5 (max 2 adults) – $1,210.00
6 month youth membership – $150.00
6 adult month membership – $200.00
Note: youth memberships are for 18 and under.

Be sure to check out the website: