What Little Things Terrify You?

It is the little things right? Isn't that what "they" say? In the movie The Exorcist, this quick demon image was one of the most terrifying parts of the movie, for me at least. What little thing scared you in the movie, or other Hollywood fright flicks? I bet it was something small? Perhaps the tempo of the music as the ax murderer creeps closer and closer to the office window. Peering through the bushes next to the man writing at his computer, he pants with anticipation of his next victim!!! AHHH!!! You see, all small things. On the trails/rocks/ice/snow, it is the little things that get us. I've heard countless stories of big air riders who say, "Man, if I see a few babyheads on a trail, I bail!" Same thing from long-time backcountry skiers, "Dude, if I even see a crack in the snow, I'm gone!" Probably not a bad thing to have respect, especially over the smaller things. I'm reading a book right now called Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales. In this book, Gonzales argues that a collection of little fears is a good thing, but to pay attention to them! Are we hard-wired to fear the small things and not the big things?