Friday, October 01, 2010

Ever Just Love Your Job?

What kind of people love their job? FREAKS! Yeah, maybe, but it has been a while for me since I've  loved what I do (now I do), so this blog will be incredibly annoying to most of you. I suggest you bail now instead of reading...

In my case, I'd say I've reached a sense of fulfillment and balance (although many would say balance is far from what I've achieved) by achieving my goals. You see, I own The Rock Lounge and work for a company called WhenToManage. Both of these jobs helped me reach my goal of A, living a charmed life and B, owning a rock climbing gym. This is the balance I've wanted, a job that gives back to the rock climbing community and one that provides me a professional sense of growth. I'd say I love them both! But let's go a little deeper and figure out why...

Well for starters, The Rock Lounge is my own business (along with my wife). I have more than a sense of entrepreneurship, as I am the entrepreneur. What's more, I believe business owners feel ownership and that leads to empowerment. With WhenToManage, I believe it is three things: a great product offering that I believe in; a boss that builds empowerment in his team; and working with channel partners I call dear friends. All in all, if I had to pick one aspect, I would say fulfillment is the most important aspect as to why I love my job.

Now, let's turn to the other side of the coin: THOSE THAT HATE THEIR JOBS!!! I've known quite a few people who consistently tell me they hate their job. Why? Is it the people? What about their product? What about the work they do? As for me, I run from jobs I hate, run fast! I don't want this kind of stress in my life and it shows on my face. What I don't get is why you would spend any time doing something you didn't want to do - just doesn't make sense to me. Yet, the world is full of people doing just this... Perhaps they are stuck and can't get out of what makes them so unhappy (as in the money is good), and I get that, or at least have sympathy. But for those with talent and potential, why stick around doing something you hate? If you actually have the opportunity to change and feel fulfilled, then go do it!
One thing should be of interest to HR professionals, managers and recruiters who are constantly looking for the quality hire: the one element that did not affect job satisfaction is the amount of pay—even for the person who demonstrated dissatisfaction with the job. No matter how many dollars and cents you throw at a person, if a positive work environment, quality, challenging work and a sense of worth are missing, levels of satisfaction and productivity will plummet.  
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