Monday, October 18, 2010

Grand Junction, CO Gets Bike Part Up And Running In Less Than Six Months!!!

In less than 6 months, Grand Junction's trail organization COPMOBA, the Bureau of Land Management and other businesses managed to create the impossible - a complete bike park (and yes, a bike park that actually lives up to the name PARK!!!). I was there over the weekend, and wow! To start, as I pulled in on Saturday morning, the scene was packed! REI, GrassRoots Cyclery and officials from the city were there to welcome in the new jump lines at the Lunch Loop mountain biking area. Complete with trick lines, a pump track and progressive beginner lines for hacks like me, the park did its job and smiles were all around. The best part... KIDS!!! The place was loaded with kids ages 6 - 14 all having fun and supporting each other. Now... Where is ours!?!?!?!

Are you serious... Check out these lines!

This place was full of kids... Great to see 6 - 14 years hanging out!

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