Monday, October 04, 2010

The Value Of An Opening Day Party

This blog is for you! Especially, if you've ever poo poo'd the idea of a party. Recently, at The Rock Lounge, a, we had an opening day party and boy was it awesome! But it would've never have happened if my wife didn't explain to me the value of entertaining your public! A lot of us business owners are so focused on operations that we forget about giving back. The party we held was just that, giving back to the members and coffee drinkers who have made it what it is today. We are so grateful to the many who have joined, and will soon join! And like I mentioned before, it may not have happened. My wife, the ever event planner, had to sit me down on this one and force the party on me. And I learned my lesson! The party added to our vision of community. The people there were so appreciative and you could almost feel the momentum (I think we sold about $1500 in memberships that night too). And that's the most important part. The party pushed people to do more and feel more about the place. Without the party, I can guarantee I wouldn't be writing this blog, but I also wouldn't be so amped about our community! Thank you all for supporting the rock lounge!

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