Thursday, December 02, 2010

Is The Next Wave Of Collaboration In The Restaurant Industry?

To start us off right in this blog post, I've added a great TED video by Clay Shirky. In this prescient 2005 talk, Clay Shirky shows how closed groups and companies will give way to looser networks where small contributors have big roles and fluid cooperation replaces rigid planning.

Now that you've watched this, what's you're take? Here's one... Perhaps restaurants are the next frontier for collaboration? Imagine a restaurant in which the servers to the cooks; the vendors to the guests; the owner to the land owner are all collaborating to improve business operations, and remember it is all about operations! How would you do this? To start, as Shirky points out, communication about information is part of the organization step. In other words, start sharing data immediately. With this in place, a vendor could, perhaps, ask the guests, what menu items they are interested in... And they could inquire by sharing what their favorite restaurants have on their menu and what is selling. Who knows, this could go many directions. My point is that restaurants are naturally collaborative, now the challenge is opening it up! Guess what? I know a company that helps out here...

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