Monday, January 03, 2011

Again, Just Do It!!!

Will the Nike tagline ever get old? In talking to a CEO friend of mine over the weekend, we came to an interesting conclusion. For all the planning, strategic development and visioning going on out there the only thing that really moves the needle is the tactical. Think about it this way... An adventurer might have a plan, strategy and vision to go to the top of the mountain by X route. On his way through the woods, he discovers a shiny object near a river. He stops and picks up the object. It feels metallic. No one is around, and the woods are quiet, so he puts the object in his jacket pocket. He walks along the river bank thinking there might be more metal objects with the intoxicating glowing shine. He finds more, yet these are in the river.  GOLD! In just such a way the gold rush started. You see, it wasn't strategy, it was dumb luck and tactics - no one cared about getting to the top of the mountain. So does the maxim hold true. If all we ever do is form strategies, do things get done. Or better yet, should we just get a crazy idea in our head, DO IT, and see what comes up?

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