Sunday, January 16, 2011

Buy A Swiss Army Knife, Your Grandpa Wore One For A Reason

Grandpa knows best, right! He's the guy who figured out how to reach his wallet in his back pocket by reaching over his shoulder. He's the man that taught you Coors, not Coors Light, is the beer you should be drinking! He's the man that always had a knife on him, no matter what (Grandpa also didn't travel that much on airplanes either). So what knife did Grandpa choose? Well, the Swiss Army kind, what else? Recently, I wanted to follow Grandpa's advice, so I picked up one of these babys. The Swiss Army knife is called the classic, because it is one. The uber technical device comes with:

  • A toothpick! Who doesn't need that
  • Tweezers, for holding your toothpick, I guess
  • A filing blade, for filing your nails... 
  • And a small 2" knife
  • Finally, you get to pick almost any color you want...

Please tell me why you don't have one at this point... Seriously, post a comment and let me know. It is the perfect carrying knife! DO IT! 

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