Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Wheel-Mounted Bicycle Hitch Rack Under $200 That Can Support Freeride And DH Bikes

We all have a big desire to find the perfect bike rack, and one, for us Freerides and DH's, that doesn't cost $500 and can actually hold our big hit bikes! So, if you're budget conscious and interested in a rack that does actually hold up, then here you go...

I've used this bike rack for about two years and I have to say, love it. Sure, it is not a Thule or Yakima, but the price is what got me. Let's face it, if we can find cheap and cheerful then who isn't in! The rack folds down in the back, so a tailgate can be opened, or hatch back released. I have a Specialized Demo 8 II and the wheel wells easily handle a 3.0 tire. Finally, the sway isn't that bad when I'm driving up 4wheel drive roads. Get this bike here if you're interested in a sale!!!

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