Thursday, February 24, 2011

The 2nd Best Way To Make A Cup Of Coffee

The secret to a great cup of coffee? Great beans, press or portafilter and lots of grounds. Yep, forget the "medium" roast, basically that means medium taste. You want to go for the full bodied joy of jet-black BOLD! Secondly, throw out your drip coffee maker! French Press or an Espresso is the only way to truly maximize the taste of great beans. Why? Well, the water totally bonds with the bean and extracts the flavor. Otherwise, you're drinking colored water - blah! Now, if you're not able to get your Espresso machine in your camping rig, or take it with you on the road, your second best bet is the GSI French Press. Lightweight, easy to clean and durable, the GSI French Press is the perfect breakfast companion. Also, it is big! Mine is 50oz version - dang! If you're ready for some serious joe, then crank up the propane, lite the burners, heat the water, pour, press and consume! BUY YOURS HERE NOW

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