Sunday, February 06, 2011

A Quick Review On The Verizon Mifi - Internet Everywhere

On the road or just need an internet connection without the hassle of signing in here and paying there? Keep reading more to learn about my recent use of the Verizon Mifi: a wireless mobile hotspot that runs on the 3G network.

I started out my mobile hotspot journey with the 5Spot by Verizon, which was a total piece of crap! Do not buy this... I ordered the Mifi, yet I received the 5Spot, not cool Verizon. What's more, the service team (this one lady) was totally rude to me... OK, enough of that. Back to the review...

After getting configured, my first tasks were mainly to reprogram and add data to our CRM system, or I had to constantly add a lot of data, and switch from our older CRM to The Mifi handled this perfectly. Then, while this was was going on, I got a Skype call from two people. Again, flawless! The Mifi allowed me to multi-task on Skype as well as our CRM. Then I had to pick up my car at the shop, so I was mobile. The Mifi nailed the communication string. What I mean is, I kept the Skype call going (although I looked a bit silly with headphones). I have been able to connect an Ipad, my laptop and Droid X phone to the Wireless network. The speed suck isn't that obvious, so I'm wondering if the Mifi will truly lose productivity power when five devices are connected.

The only drawback is battery power... The Mifi must have the red-headed step child of a battery. It seems like it lasts for only minutes. The device is brand new, so I wonder why... But, because I'm so tech, I use a solar charger to keep it going. This works well - come on sun!

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