Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When The Shoe Fits, Wear It - The North Face GTX XCR Adventure Shoe

A truer maxim has never held true, especially for runners! As we pound the trail day after day, a good shoe means the difference between a great hike/run or a ankle-busting slip/fall. The North Face GTX XCR is that shoe for me, and believe me, I'm hooked - literally. The Vibram sole sticks to rock/soil/roots like cold oatmeal in my cereal bowl. I've rarely slipped or lost my footing with these bad boys on! Secondly, the lacing system can cinch down tight, so those with a skinny ankle can feel secure and prevent the slippage in the heel. If you're a wide-for-footer then this is the shoe for you. I have bunions, yep willing to admit it here, and so I look for shoes with a wide toebox for support and comfort. Finally, the GORETEX. I've had this shoe on during the hot and sticky months of Alabama to the dead-hot days of Moab, and NEVER HAVE MY FEET BEEN A SWEAT'N. The GORETEX breathes so nicely and keeps my feet warm when the temps drop all the while breathing the nasty foot odor out! If you're into an all-around shoe for a great price ($99 - $106) then BUY HERE NOW!!!

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