Sunday, March 27, 2011

If You Had Just One Wish???

Imagine what it would take to grant a wish? Yeah, yeah... It would depend on the wish, but what if it were a big one? Say, bringing all the dinosaurs back? Imagine the work it would take to support that wish... First off, the military would have to be on constant guard! T-rex attacks would be just awful. Imagine the news reports: t-rex devours entire nursing home... My god! Even if the wish were small, like wishing for a candy bar. The implications would be huge. What if you really didn't need that candy bar - fatty! Let's also remember the wish granter and their ethics. The genie, or whatever spirit was available to grant the wish, may not be working with your best interests in mind - remember that next time a genie tries to grant a wish!  Better that you create your own destiny instead of wishing for a better one - at least that's what I'm learning...

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