Saturday, March 12, 2011

Some Killer Random Pics From A Vision Quest...

So I've been running around traveling over the past few weekends, and thought it might be a good idea to share my pics... More to come, but a good start eh?

The entrance to Moe's Valley... Man, I miss this place.
You can see one of the main boulders in the center of the road.
Thought this was a cool pic... Looking through a starter hold to the main boulder set. 
Oh, and there was GREAT mountain biking out in St. George!
Me freshly off of Bearpaw Poppy trail. 
My new HQ! I love my Northstar camper! 
Killer trail up to that peak behind me. They call it Turtlehead Peak.
I couldn't help but laugh a little on that one... 
And then me at the top... It was blower and freezing!  Oh, forgot to mention
this trail/peak is in Las Vegas, NV
My trip out of St. George... It was a great place to be... This was the scene I woke up to everyday! 
A hike through the Red Rock country of Las Vegas, NV... Gorgeous!
I realize most people don't see this part of Las Vegas, but it is worthy!
You can see these little colored dots... Those are the rest of the campers
in the Red Rocks camping area. It was a great community of climbers, travelers, drunks,
stoners, road riders, mountain bikers, hikers, and three old dudes. 
Walker trying to be artistic with his camera... 
Killer top-of-the-ride scene in Blue Diamond. See that trail to the right. I just went up that! Phew... 
Almost impossible to see them. But right in the middle are some big horn sheep.
They were awesome to watch! 
My sister and me... She came out to visit me in Las Vegas. Got to love that girl! 
There's that peak again... 
A closer up view of the Northstar on top of the Tacoma... 
And then my travels took me to Sedona, AZ. I really explored this place more, I'm smitten! 
I look like I'm complaining... But I wasn't. Just trying to capture the beauty :0
More Sedona beauty!!! Off of this trail called HighLine! Great trail building Bike and Bean and others... 
Only just the back of my head - amazing! 
So this is a suspension bridge near the entrance to Sedona... Awesome! 

Me hitting up the Monkey Bar boulder at Kraft Boulders

More Monkey Bar

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