Saturday, November 05, 2011

Week In Review

Is it me, or is each and every week in our world manifest some powerful change?

  1. The freak show that is Herman Cain and his handling of the sexual harassment charges is a fraction of my concern when I compare it to his "brother from another mother"comment concerning taking money from the Koch brothers. Hey Tea Party, this is not what you so strongly stood for is it - special interests controlling our politicians? Wow! Cain, you are a simpleton! 
  2. New of Andy Rooney's death. Just this morning, Andy Rooney, long time colorful commentator on 60-minutes and former WWII war correspondent has passed on. As a 60-minutes fan, I'll miss the man and his short, witty, and ironic words of wisdom. Watch his "best of" in this post by the Daily Beast. 
  3. My trip to Silicon Valley and attendance at the Silicon Valley Product Group - "Re-Think Product Marketing" learning session was KICK ASS! If I had to pull three powerful points in this learning session, I would say the following. 
    1. Sales/Marketing need to have a strong partnership with Product Management! Key is the leadership and their relationship. 
    2. Remember your customers have lives too... Try to market in ways they want to be marketed to. Your marketing is competing with soccer practice, TV shows, work, a fourth cup of coffee, grocery shopping, laziness, multiple digital screens, and the upcoming holiday season. 
    3. Strategies need to be simple, and each tactic needs to prove itself worthy. 
  4. New snow in Durango... Welcome winter - not that excited! 
  5. WhenToManage continues to grow! The past two months have been very excited for the company I work for! It is awesome to work with such professional people with a knack for building solutions that really do work (remember, I was an actual user). On the sales and marketing side, our SEO and sales acquisitions have grown tremendously. 
Some of my latest pics below... Not much this week. 

New secret climbing area...

My gut and all of it's glory! Halloween night

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