Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Can We Perceive Time Through Our Sense?

We can see the leaves changing on the trees. When the  flowers bloom and the birds sing we know it is summer. After the snow dries on the pavement, we know the day is warming. When we are full after a Thanksgiving meal, we know fall is officially over and winter is about to begin. All of these observations are made through our sense, we either see or hear, and can realize that time has/is passing. However, as a psychological experiment, what would happen if we lost all of our senses? How would we recognize time passing? We couldn't look in the mirror anymore to see the age on our face. No longer would we be able to check our watches. Would it be our passing thoughts making us aware of time moving around us? Time is so critical to the human condition, yet there is no wind that blows, no one thing indicates a "second" has gone by... So how do we perceive really perceive time?

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