Monday, January 30, 2012

How To Save Your Motorcycle Battery During Winter Storage

So I was under the impression that my Yamaha 250 dirt bike battery would last through the cold winter storage in my unheated garage... Boy was I off on that one! The battery didn't last at all! After trying to start the motor several times with my electric start, I realized my fatal flaw - batteries need love! They need a slight charge to keep them alive through the cold winter months. Yeah, remember that! At $120 a battery, losing this charge can cost you. So you have two options, start and run your dirt bike throughout the winter, or buy a Battery Tender! You should stop reading and just buy it NOW! This little devices keeps your battery charged and at the ready for up to five years. What I mean is it keeps the battery alive for five years, which is good for these little guys! This device is cheap ($40 retail, and $24 on Amazon NOW). So that's how it is... Charge and ride, let sit and die!

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