Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Biggest Challenge, Our Greatest Strength?

Have you ever listed all the challenges you face in a day? What about your work week? Month? Year? Would it have been possible to also write down what you learned, or how you overcame a life obstacle? Could you? Having gone through so many challenges in 2011, I didn't write down much either. Perhaps the very act of acknowledging your challenges is hard in itself. Now, they say we learn from our mistakes, which makes us very human, rationale, logical and, damn smart! However, as I watched the Republican debates last night and heard Mitt Romney talk about going to war and Newt and Rick echoing his sentiments, I'm reminded of how poorly we remember and learn from our mistakes (I won't even get into Mitt's Self-Deportation comments, really - moron). I was relieved to hear Dr. Ron Paul speak the truth, reminding us we are BROKE! Alas, I wish I could just point the finger at Republicans, but I can't. I too have and am doing the very same thing - not learning from mistakes. It amazes me that our greatest challenge learning from our mistakes, is also our greatest strength: the ability to potentially learn from a mistake.

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