Monday, January 23, 2012

This SPOT Could Save Your Life!

The SPOT, or Satellite GPS Messenger unit, is one of those little gadgets that could actually save your life! Yesterday, I hit some back country shots near one of our more popular areas. With the recent snowfall and avalanche mitigation work, I was a little nervous. My hike up the steep side was no big deal, but as soon as I got to the leeward and north-facing side of the ridge things started to settle! The snow was moving around me... Imagine stepping on the ground and it giving way under your feet making a WHOOMP sound. It is heart-wrenching! 

So, I turned on my SPOT! In this area, I wasn't necessarily concerned about a massive avalanche. However, with the snow moving around like it was, I figured a small slab might fall on my little head. So I made sure my SPOT was on and blinking. This little tool sends out a GPS signal and if you're ever in one of those tight spots with a banged up leg, you click on the SOS or 911 button and your friends, family and rescue teams come in to help! Their website has some incredible stories about people being saved. 

The device itself is available on, and it is ON SALE! And the yearly service is only $149, so it isn't like a huge fat cell phone bill. Besides $149 a year could save your life! 

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